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Addie Scheibe


Surrounded with people who loves to sew and were professionals in the field, it is not surprising the business, Custom Alterations was born in the mid 80’s, starting out with appointments only which developed into a fulltime walk in business over 17 years ago. Addie’s mother, Betty is a processioned quilter and her Grandmother, Mildred, now deceased, was a sewing instructor for Sears Roebuck in Cincinnati, Ohio for over 25 years. Many of Addie’s sewing skills were formed from these two ladies and over time she developed additional techniques in the alterations field.

Addie also holds a degree from the Ohio State University’s Agricultural Technical Institute in Marketing Management Technologies and Floral Design. She is a published author of Floral Inspirations, Inspiration durch Blumen, and holds a National Certified Floral Designer Certificate from The Ohio and Michigan Floral Association. She is also a member of OFA and CFAA Associations.

Addie is a member of the Association of Sewing Design Professionals (ASDP), The American Sewing Guild (ASG) and The Wayne County Fiber Arts Guild of Wooster. She holds a recently acquired Certificate of Completion from Skirt Skills with Brooks Ann Camper for custom skirt pattern drafting and is currently enrolled in a custom slacks drafting course.